So you wanna be a producer?


As this is my first time producing a show I knew it would be a very steep learning curve.

Actors’ contracts, venue contracts, commissioning graphic design, commissioning costumes, finding a wardrobe supervisor (luckily the director could help there.)

And unexpected costs.

Two of the venues we are using are not ‘theatre’ venues so lack lighting and sound equipment. I got a local company (who provide equipment for a youth theatre company my son is with) to give me a quote so that was factored in.

But then I realised said equipment will be in our possession overnight so will require insuring.  Another £99 to find.  I do have a contingency in the budget but it’s things like this that eat into it.


I decided that although this is a semi-staged production I wanted to have costumes as it will lift the whole show and clothes are an intrinsic part of the Scarlet Pimpernel story as fans of the novels will know.

I’m delighted to have discovered Mrs Papendick. The costumes she has made for us arrived yesterday and look wonderful. I’ve already posted some pictures of works-in-progress in an earlier blog, you’ll have to come and see the show if you want to see the rest… You can see Mrs P’s work on her website: Mrs Papendick’s website

Book your tickets now:  Pimpernel Productions Official Website

don't just applaud send money

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend – please remember that you can support the show at no cost to yourself when you shop online if you sign up to #easyfundraising. Easyfundraising website


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